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Natural Health

Our Administrator has developed a Natural Health Program through the use of Essential Oil Blends and Acudetox to assist clients with what ails them without added side effects of medication. These oils can be used in conjuncture with prescribed medications to increase their effectiveness or in place of over-the-counter medication.  

Oil Blends

Young Basketball Coach


Stress / Anxiety relief, mood lifter, focus

Girl Relaxing

Breathe Rite

Relieves congestion

Physical Therapist

Ginger Rub Lotion

Helps relieve congestion and swelling


Motion Sickness

Helps with headache and nausea due to motion / vertigo

Eating Healthy


Helps to kill viruses

Beautiful Smile

Clove Antiseptic

Helps relieve pain and swelling from mouth sores or dental work.

Head Massage

Head Ease

Weakens severity of headaches and migraines


Atlas Lotion

Pain and muscle aches

Breathing Meditation


Helps regulate breathing



Anti-depressant and mood lifter

Image by Franco Antonio Giovanella


Acudetox is acupuncture where Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist places needles in the ear at five specific points. These five points assist with balancing the body's energy and helps with healing. Acudetox can be used to decrease cravings for drugs, alcohol, or tobacco, withdrawal symptoms, anxiety, insomnia, and agitation.  This treatment is done in a calming 30-minute session. Clients often report being more relaxed, less stressed, and sleeping better.

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