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Metanoia Houses

Christlife Ministries offers Metanoia Housing on-site at 2411 Lake Ave. Metanoia (meaning "a change of mind") House is a voluntary men's transitional housing program designed to provide a safe and healthy living environment.


On-site staff are dedicated to assisting residents with everything needed to be successful in life through living skills, work readiness, and case management. The Motivational Interviewing Informed Wraparound (MiiWrap) Process assists residents with identifying strengths versus needs to assist them with accomplishing goals.


Residents are expected to pay an intake fee of $250 upon move-in and rent of $200/week or $30/day.

Amenities of the property include access to:

  • Room with a queen-sized bed, dresser, mini-fridge, and desk

  • Laundry Room with free machines

  • Kitchens with necessary appliances and cookware on each wing

  • Fitness room with stretching classes and new equipment

  • House lounge with TV

  • Turfed exterior and Bike Racks

  • Community gardens

  • Basketball court and equipment for rent

  • On-site meal(s) in our commercial kitchen

  • Community activities, cookouts, and holiday events


*Housing Intakes can take between one to two hours and are held Monday - Thursday from 8:30am - 10:00am and 1:00pm - 3:00pm.

Image by Andre Hunter

Some expectations of Metanoia House Residents include: 

  • Participating in Weekly Freedom from Addictive Behaviors Class

  • Participating in Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT)

  • Drug, alcohol, and tobacco-free

  • Self-sufficient

  • Motivated to set and complete goals

  • Obtaining stable employment or income during their stay

  • Completing community service hours every month

Application Process for Community Applicants: 

  1. Contact Christlife Ministries to receive the application and schedule an appointment to interview with Executive Director, Pastor Jerome Perkins

  2. At the interview, the Executive Director will discuss program and payment expectations and inform you of additional steps, if applicable, needed to move in. 

  3. You will receive an application acceptance or denial letter within 2 business days (if you do not receive a letter, contact staff)

Application Process for Currently Incarcerated Applicants: 

  1. Complete the "Pre-Release Inquiry Form" 

  2. Facility Staff should email the completed form to the Pre-Enrollment Coordinator.

  3. The Pre-Enrollment Coordinator will respond with the most current and accurate application via email and request to schedule an interview with the Executive Director.

  4. The applicant will complete a phone interview with the Executive Director, afterwards, he will inform the Pre-Enrollment Coordinator if the application has been accepted or denied. 

  5. The Pre-Enrollment Coordinator will reach out to Facility Staff with the applicant's acceptance or denial letter. 

    1. Letters of acceptance state that should the applicant's parole plan be accepted and a bed is available, they will be allowed to move in upon their release

      1. Christlife Ministries Staff cannot give permission or advocate for applicants to parole to our programs, especially out-of-county clients, this decision is ultimately at the discretion of parole.

  6. Parole should conduct a Pre-Parole Investigation and inform Christlife Ministries of the applicant's expected release date. 

    1. The Pre-Enrollment Coordinator will note the expected release date and assign a bed hold. This hold will remain in effect until one week after the expected release date. If the client does not move into the bed within this timeframe without prior arrangements, the hold will be released and given to the next applicant, so it is important that any changes be reported to staff. 

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